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The product feed allows you to create a scenario based on data from your product feed, which you will have previously connected to the DataHub platform.

Before using the “Product datasource” feature, it is important to know the fields in your feed. Your scenario can be configured only with these fields. 

Setting up your scenario involves several steps: 

1. Choose the product datasource you want to use

2. Choose the rules, which correspond to the data you want to filter in your feed.

The “Criteria” field on the left is for all the fields of your feed previously defined in the Data Source. 

The dropdown menu allows you to easily find the field you will need.

The “Operator” menu is for the conditions you want to define for this field.

You can then enter a value to the right. This can be either a fixed value, a variable (as in the example below), or contextual data or data from a URL parameter.

You can add as many rules as you want.

3. You can choose to activate the “Product Combination” feature. 

This feature allows you to highlight products randomly based on previously defined rules, among all the products in your feed, without having to choose them manually. 

Once your product feed has been completed, you can finish your scenario by adding the corresponding content with the Live Image Personalization.