Use a Google Sheet in the DataHub

When creating a data source as a .csv or .xlsx file, we recommend that you create a Google Sheet file that you can update whenever you want. Every time you edit your data source on your Google Sheet, the Data Source will automatically apply these changes without having to import the corrected file again.

Recovering the URL of a Google Sheet involves several steps:

1. Go to your Google Sheet, click “File” and then “Publish to the web”.

You can make changes to your file at any time. However, you cannot add new columns because they will not be automatically taken into account when updating by the Data Source. To edit your Data Source file after adding new columns, you will need to click “Update fields” on the Data Source homepage to map your new fields and include the new columns.

2. Choose the sheet that you want to use. 

The Data Source only takes into account the first tab of your file.

3. Click “Web page” and choose “Comma-separated values (.csv)

4. Use the provided URL to import it directly into the Data Source.

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