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Templating saves you time when creating content.

You can use templating to create content on the fly when an email is opened, from any data source (contextual, feeds, or customer data passed in the URL or from a previously imported CSV). 

Templating lets you format your content as you’d like or paste in your own HTML code.

Use social data

Here’s an example of templating with a Twitter account.

Use customer data

Using customer data.

Using contextual data

Using contextual data, from the Variables menu.

Available contextual data:

  • Opening time
  • Opening date
  • Opening day
  • Opener city
  • Opener time zone

Depending on the configured scenario, it is possible to retrieve the distance (in km), the weather conditions, and the temperature when the email was opened.

Use source code

To use HTML code in templating, select Source code from the Tools tab.