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The different solutions

Is there a problem with your location? Here are some possible explanations.

There are three possible reasons that might explain a location issue:

1. You’re using Gmail. 

Some email clients running on a web server (webmail) have a proxy that blocks us from getting a specific user agent from the opener. This is true of

The location, weather, and device features offered by Reelevant are disabled for webmail services that use a proxy, like 

A default version is provided for this purpose in order to offer customers an alternative solution.

The rest of the features work normally.

Note: If you are using a address in another application, like Apple Mail, it will work without any problems.

2. You’re on a 3G/4G connection.

Finding your location based on the IP for a mobile device on a cellular (3G/4G) connection is not reliable. In this situation, openers will see the default version.

If someone opens an email while using a mobile device on a Wifi connection to a modem, it will work.

To overcome this location problem, you can use CRM data, such as the address, the postal code, etc., provided by your customer by placing it as a “url parameter”. 

3. Your IP might not be what you think it is. 

Click to see your IP and correct your scenario.