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Our blocks consist of two links:

  • An image hosting link that must not be re-hosted: otherwise, we can no longer provide real-time customization.
  • A redirect link

Recipient ID

This variable is required. It is used to generate unique statistics by uniquely identifying the openers with an ID.

It also allows us to identify the behavior of each opener for setting up certain scenarios such as "viewed/clicked blocks”.

The variable to be used must match the router. It will automatically be changed at the time of sending to be appended to the image hosting and redirect URLs, for example: <%= recipient.customerid %>

It can be the email variable, a unique recipient ID, or even a customer number. It simply needs to be unique to each recipient.

Message ID

This variable is optional. It allows you to differentiate the statistics for a block inserted into multiple emails (different campaigns or message types) so that you can analyze the performance of openings and clicks by this message ID.

This variable is automatically added to the end of the image hosting and redirect URLs.

URL parameter

This variable is required if your scenario includes a “URL Setting”:  a variable field will then be completed.

Once all of the variables have been completed, you can copy your links. You can change these variables at any time and copy the new links.

Sample HTML code to integrate our blocks:

<td valign="top" align="center"><a href="[id_client]" target="_blank" style="color:#000000;text-decoration:none;"><img src="[id_client]" alt="" border="0" width="100%"/></a></td>