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Groups are associated with a message. A group is a collection of all your blocks. Grouping allows you to link together Blocks in the system to show that they are included in a single email and should therefore count as being opened only once for the entire email (for billing purposes). It is therefore very important to link each block to a group. Otherwise, they will not appear in the email. 

This has no effect on the scenario or how the Block functions. You can link up to 10 blocks to a single group.

When you are on the Groups tab in the application’s left menu, you can create a new group by clicking the “+” button in the top right corner.

You can use tags to make it easier to find your groups. To do this, click the icon to the left of your group’s name and insert a new tag (or an existing tag if there are already some that have been created).

To find a group, click Filter by, and you will see a list of your tags. You can also search for archived groups.