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The “Feed” feature allows you to connect your Twitter account, Instagram account, or RSS feed in order to display the latest posts from the feed in the email. You can choose the number of posts you want to display.


You can view the latest tweets from an account using a username/account (@username) or hashtag (#hashtag).

No connection to the Twitter account is required, our system allows you to search and filter accounts based on the number of characters entered in the “Value” field.

Hashtags must be spelled correctly.

You can display up to ten recent tweets. 

They will be updated each time the email is opened.


You have the option to view up to ten recent posts from your Instagram account.

They will be updated each time the email is opened.

Important: Before connecting your Reelevant account to Instagram, you should verify that you have access to your company’s Facebook Business account. Otherwise, we cannot connect to your account because Instagram does not allow it.

The Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook page to which you must also have access. 

To do this, get in touch with your company’s social media team so they can allow you to sign in to the company’s Instagram/Facebook business page. 

As a guest user, you will then receive an email authorizing you to use the account. Click the link in the email and follow the steps. 

You can then go to Reelevant, select the “Feed” feature and then the “Instagram” feed. 

Setting up the feature involves several steps: 

  • Step 1: Click “Sign in with Facebook” and enter your private account credentials. 

Note: Of course, Reelevant will not have access to your private account. The app will only be connected to your company’s business account. 

  • Step 2: Choose the Instagram account to which you want to link the app.
  • Step 3: Next, choose the pages that Reelevant can access. 

A new window will open with conditions checked by default. Leave these conditions checked. 

This completes the setup for using your Instagram account on Reelevant. 

  • Step 4: After clicking “OK”, the tool will automatically return you to your scenario page. Here, clicking “Account Choice” causes your company’s Instagram account to automatically appear, without having to repeat all the steps to update your account. 


As with Twitter or Instagram, you can view up to ten recent posts from the RSS feed.

They will be updated each time the email is opened.