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Click the START CREATION button to set up your scenario.

You’ll then select which scenario you’d like to set up.

For example, for a scenario in which you’d like to use the weather feature, click Climate.

Next, you need to set up your functionality by selecting rules.

Confirm and continue setting up your scenario by adding other functionalities (ex. temperature) or simply add the content you want to include.

After confirming, you’ll see your scenario tree.

If you want to add content for each branch (ex. a rain icon for the rain branch, a sun icon for the clear branch), click the gray box, choose the content you want to add (here, “Image”), and confirm.

Once the scenario has been created, remember to save it by clicking Save in the top right corner of your scenario.

And assigned to a group, you can generate links to be added to your HTML (see “Generating links for a block”).